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Shrub selection and placement is a very important element of any successful landscape or garden design. Variety including sun or shade, compact or large, deciduous or evergreen need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right shrub for the specific location. Shrub texture, flowering time, and color can also influence your decision.

We have selected the following shrubs for their landscape and garden versatility here in Central Illinois, but do not hesitate to contact us for any special orders or questions you may have about another particular shrub.


  • First call J.U.L.I.E. to have all utilities marked before you dig.
  • Place shrub next to proposed location.
  • Next, dig the hole deep enough for the container or ball and allow an extra 6" on each side of the ball leaving 1 - 2" of the root ball above the existing grade.
  • Place the shrub ball carefully in the hole, pull the burlap from the top half, and slit the bottom half. In addition, remove any wire or rope caging. If the shrub is container grown, remove the container. If roots are encircling the bottom of the container, use a sharp knife to cut them apart.
  • Backfill around the ball and lightly compact the soil as you are backfilling the hole. This will assist in removing any excess air pockets in the hole.
  • Water the shrub. (approximately 1/2 hour with a small gentle stream of water)
  • Mulch or rock around the base of shrub, extending out to the perimeter of the ball or covering the bed in which it is placed with a depthness of 2 - 3".
  • Prune out any dead or damaged branches.

*Note: all deciduous shrubs should be covered with a tarp while moving.

*Note: Grade the bed area and allow a slight pitch away from the building for accurate drainage.


Deciduous Sun to Part Shade

Deciduous Shade


Broadleaf Evergreen



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