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Having healthy plants, without harming the environment are two goals we continuously strive to achieve in our selection of pest management products.

The Grieder Design Center does not sell a packaged four step lawn program. "If you don't need it, don't use it." The Grieder approach to lawn care is on a case by case basis. What works for your neighbor might not work for you. This philosophy does not sacrifice plant health, but does promote a healthy environment by using only the chemicals you need when you need them.

Pest Management Recommendations

Pest control has several categories. The two most requested are: weed control and insect control. In both cases following these three simple steps promotes healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Step 1: Identification of the Pest
(You have to know what the problem is before you can control it.)

Step 2: To what extent is the damage caused by the pest.
(Having 15 dandelions does not require spraying the entire yard. Spot spraying is a much better approach.)

Step 3: Use the right chemical at the right time.
(Applying the right chemical at the wrong time, and vice-versa, wastes time and money and does little to promote a healthy environment)

For more details about our pest management products, stop by the Grieder Design Center. If you feel it is something that needs to have diagnostic tests ran, the University of Illinois has a testing facility in Urbana.

Reminder: We do not diagnose plant diseases or pests over the phone. Please bring in a good sample in a sealed plastic bag for identification.



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