Meet the Design Team

At Grieder’s, we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.  Our design team, made up of Kassandra Ryerson, Will Murphy and Bill Troyer, has the skills and experience to provide you with unmatched service.  Though you may only work with just one member of the team, they love to bounce ideas off each other to collaborate to come up with the perfect design for your lifestyle.  Each one of our designers has extensive field experience as well, so you know that it’s not enough for them to give you a great landscape on paper.  They’ll be on site each step of the way making sure that you’re completely satisfied with our work.  It’s not uncommon to find them getting their hands dirty with the crew either!  Our design team understands that your landscape should be an extension of your home; a place of comfort and enjoyment for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  Making your neighbors jealous in the process is just a plus!  Call us today at (309) 662-8527 to schedule a FREE consultation with a member of our team, or fill out the quick questionnaire below and we’ll give you a call within 24 hours to set up a time to meet.  We can’t wait to show you the possibilities that are waiting for your Landscape!

Our Designs can include any, or ALL of the following

for your Residential or Commercial project!

Detailed Landscape Plans & 3D Renderings
Walks/Paths & Patios
Retaining/Seat Walls
& Plantings
Fire Pits & Water Features
Pergolas &
Outdoor Kitchens
Landscape &
Holiday Lighting
Tell us a little about how you invision your future outdoor space!
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