Installation & Maintenance Team

Hardscape Foreman

James has been at Grieder Sod and Landscaping since 1984. During his tenure he has experienced practically everything we do and attended many training schools. Currently, he is the lead foreman for our hardscaping (patio/wall) crews. Watching James at work will make many of our complicated installations seem simple and the work speaks for itself. James is one of our NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association) Certified Segmental Retaining Wall installers.

James Williamson

Landscape Foreman

Lance started with Grieder Sod and Landscaping in 1991 on our grading crew under Jim Funk and has advanced to one of our most experienced landscape foremen.  He installs all types of landscaping but specializes in paver edging.  He's responsible for miles of it throughout Central Illinois.  Lance takes immense pride in his work.  All his projects are literally "signature" projects. He puts his initials in the mortar (inconspicuously) of all his paver jobs.  Lance is our most recognizable team member as he will always be wearing his antique tractor hat.

Lance Wells

Grade Foreman

Justin came to Grieder’s in 2000 as a Horticulture Intern from Illinois Central College.  While attending Illinois Central College, Justin won an award at the American Landscape Contractors Association’s Student Competitions for his skills in equipment operation.  Since graduating in 2002, he has worked here full time.  Although highly trained in most areas of landscape installation, Justin is usually found operating our grading tractor. Justin has created the foundation for countless landscapes in Central Illinois.

Justin Kaisner

Landscape Foreman

Rob has been at Grieders since 2003.  Rob started out as a landscape technician on the sod crew and has advanced to a foreman position.  Rob's experience is also wide ranging which has given him the opportunity  to install all types of landscaping, but specializes in paver edging.  Rob graduated from ISU in 1993 with a degree in Fine Arts.  His creativity gives him a unique perspective to his landscape installations.

Rob Faulkner

Landscape Foreman

Burl has been with Grieders since 2004.  He began delivering landscaping materials, and has worked his way to a very capable Landscape Forman.  During his 3 years as Lot Foreman, he gained lots of knowledge of plants and landscape materials.  He was responsible for making sure the crew were set for the coming days of work, and those organizational skills have carried over to running his own crew with the same precision.

Burl Lemmel

Hardscape Foreman

Jimmy Hafly

Maintenance Supervisor

John Haney

Mike Rollings

Maintenance Foreman

Maintenance Foreman

Bob Sexton