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(309) 662-8527 | 1804 Towanda Barnes Rd | Bloomington, IL 61705 
Landscape Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Garden Center is closed for the 2019 season and will reopen spring 2020.

Come visit us!

We always welcome you to come visit us at the Garden Center!  Our new terrace space is a great idea generator and gives great examples of multiple styles of Patio Design as well as how to compliment it with the perfect selection of plants!

You're more than welcome to just walk in, and if one of our designers is available, they would love to talk with you.  If you want to make sure you can get time with one of our designers, we recommend calling in advance to set up an appointment.  We want to make sure you get all the answers you need!

(309) 662-8527 | 1804 Towanda Barnes Rd | Bloomington, IL 61705 

Can't make it in?

No worries!  Fill out either the Design or Maintenance Questionnaire, depending on what you're looking, or even if you have no clue what you're looking for, we'll get you in touch with the right person!

Or as always, give us a call anytime and we can get you connected to a team member that can help!